Custom katie boyle kb fine jewelry


Heirloom jewelry is never short on meaning—the connection you feel to the person it represents or the journey it’s taken imbues it with a value that can’t be calculated. But just because something is meaningful, doesn’t mean it matches your personal style, or is practical for the kind of everyday wear a storied piece deserves.

The Refinery is for anyone looking to breathe new life into the fine jewelry that looms large in their history while collecting dust in their bedside table. In this intimate and unique experience, Katie Boyle works with you to create modern heirlooms full of meaning, allowing you to reconnect to your roots while making an investment in yourself.

The process is so much more than custom. The gold and gems you bring to the table can be reformed and recombined into something worthy of the stories behind the materials, all by a fine jeweler interested in building a contemporary narrative out of your antiques. While refinery does necessitate an act of letting go, it’s also an invitation to cherish what you’ve been given, and to see it in a whole new light.

Each time you share the story of your Refinery piece you’ll be able to reveal the many layers of meaning behind your treasured jewelry, and you’ll know for certain it’s beyond one-of-a-kind.