Theory: Gems
kb the label | aquamarine



Aquamarine reduces stress and quiets the mind. Sometimes all you need is a little courage to get you there.

kb the label | black spinel

Black Spinel

[blak] [spi-nel]

Feeling down? Black spinel helps bring insight to one’s material problems while enhancing positivity in one’s personality. Sometime’s all we need is a little pick me up.

kb the label | citrine



Citrine has similar effects to warm weather and the sun: it just makes life that much better. Not only does it enhance concentration and revitalize the mind, it aids in manifesting wealth(!) and prosperity(!), success(!), and all good things. Can someone please pass the Citrine?

kb the label | grey moonstone

Grey Moonstone


Starting something new? This is a good stone to keep with you to help make that new adventure worth it. Moonstone, the stabilizer.

Labradorite kb fine jewelry


[lab-ruh-daw-rahyt, lab-ruh-dawr-ahyt]

Labradorite is kind of like armour bearing a rabbit’s foot. It keeps the wearer from harm and promotes harmony, attracting good luck and friendship. Some even view this as the stone of transformation.

kb the label | london blue topaz

London Blue Topaz

[luhn-duh n] [bloo] [toh-paz]

In need of some honest love? LBT not only promotes honesty, truth and forgiveness(!), but is also rumoured to bring good fortune. This blue genie also gives you a kick in the pants when it comes to achieving your goals.

kb the label | morganite



Cleansing the body of stress and anxiety (because nobody likes either of those), Morganite promotes inner peace and joy. Some refer to it as the stone of divine love. It’s better than a magic pill, just what the doctor ordered.

kb the label | rose quartz

Rose Quartz

[rohz] [kwawrts]

Rose quartz is known as the stone of unconditional love–kind of like a pet, but lower maintenance.

kb the label | ruby



Need some energy? Rubies assist in setting realistic goals and help improve motivation.